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Payroll is complicated and time consuming. With the constant changes in the taxation system, payroll management and processing is one of the most challenging responsibilities a company has to deal with each year.


How can we help?
Whether for an executive group of staff within your company or the organisation as a whole, we can reduce your administrative costs. We will eliminate the worry of security and confidentiality issues arising from running a payroll service in-house and ensure compliance with Revenue requirements.


Our outsource payroll team provides you with a cost effective and complete payroll management solution. We have a dedicated and experienced payroll team that become your payroll department saving you time and money. This service allows you to dedicate significantly more company time to growing your business and focusing on your customers’ needs.


Our comprehensive payroll solution includes:

·       payroll processing in line with your requirements;

·       calculation of all aspects of tax, social insurance, pension, share purchases and other statutory deductions;

·       assisting with the calculation of all notional pay/Benefit In Kind (BIK);

·       electronic payment of salaries directly to employee bank accounts;

·       ensuring ongoing and year-end compliance with Revenue requirements;

·       keeping you updated on important payroll related dates;

·       informing you of any budget changes;

·       co-ordination and management of cross-jurisdiction payrolls with our local member firms;

·       providing temporary staff to cover leave in your payroll team;

·       carrying out a review of your “in house” payroll function;

·       provision of appropriate payroll reports and analysis in various formats; and

·       responding promptly to all queries.


Benefits of using our service:

·       we provide a single point of contact for all your payroll queries;

·       we can ensure full compliance with legal and Revenue requirements;

·       we can guarantee you full confidentiality around the payroll function as a whole or specific executive payroll groups; and

·       outsourcing payroll allows you to focus on growing your business rather than the day to day administration of your payroll function.

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